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Consultations Page

As we become aware or informed of relevant consultations, we will post them here:

Consultation until 21st September2018
Council Budget

Adult Social Care is a huge spend for Hereford Council. We should expect cuts in the 2018/19 budget, but to have your say why not complete the survey? To go directly to the link Click here

Consultation until 17th November 2017
Social Prescribing Survey

HDU have received this request from Dr Simon Lennane GP, Alton Street Surgery, Ross-on-Wye and are placing the information on our website to expand the spread of this consultation.

As locality GP Champions, we are developing social prescribing in Herefordshire. If your role involves helping people within Herefordshire, we would like to understand the issues you are faced with. Terms like social prescribing can describe a multitude of interventions, and we would like to focus our efforts on the needs of the people you work with.
Thanks for helping with the survey. It should take no more than 5 minutes or so to complete.

This is by no means an exhaustive list so feel free to suggest further questions. Please forward it to anyone you think would be interested. Social prescribing needs to be accessible to everyone working with people, whether within health or social care, education, faith groups or voluntary organisations, so it will help to spread this further afield. There is a link at the end & it would be helpful to get people, especially from outside health, involved, or you can send them this link: Click here

We ask for your e-mail address only so we can contact people who have requested the results - you can opt out of any communications at the end. It also lets us show you other (anonymised) responses at the end of the survey.
If you would prefer to answer anonymously, please use a fake e-mail, such as as we can't make the e-mail question optional. You'll have to be creative and choose a random number here as it won't let you use an e-mail address someone has already used.

Consultation until 12th November 2017
Pharmacy Needs Assessment

Herefordshire Council is asking for views on services on pharmaceutical services provided by community pharmacies and dispensing practices. The survey can be completed online at or within this link you can download a paper questionnaire to complete. Hereford Council would be grateful if you would make this opportunity available to your members/colleagues to complete this as individuals plus providing a response as an organisation. You will also be invited to review the draft PNA when this is available later in the year.
Click here. to view.

Completed paper questionnaires can be returned to the council using the Freepost address at the end of the survey by 12 November 2017

Consultation until 15th March 2016
Cutting funding to Herefordshire Carers

Herefordshire Council is continuing to face significant reductions in government funding. As a result they are looking at every service they provide to consider whether it is being delivered in the most effective way to provide a quality service for those who need it.
As part of this approach, they are considering making some reductions in funding to Crossroads Care and Herefordshire Carers Support for delivering services to the county’s carers.
Check out this link to complete the survey if you are a carer in this county.
Click here. to view.

The Sustainable Transformation Plan (STP). On-going in 2017

A five year plan between the NHS and socical care, currently being discussed nationally. Herefordshire is teamed up with Worcestershire as a rural "footprint", one of 44 such areas across England.
There are events being planned for members of the public to attend, and to give you an idea of what is involved this presentation maybe useful
Click here to view.

Hereford Council consultation "Help to live at home"

Consultation Results

Click Here for further details

The current contractual arrangements with service providers for care at home are due to finish in July 2017. The council sought your views on proposals to make sure that the services the council arranges for people are efficient, provide good quality and help people to live independently

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