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December 2016 Sustainable Transformation Plan (STP)

This new work involves Worcester and Hereford combined, who are drawing up a new 5 year plan across the NHS and social care in the two counties.
The draft plan still in its infancy can be viewed at: Click here to view

Consultations are expected to take place next year but you may wish to the be up to speed with proposals which are being led by Worcester. HDU are holding a conference in February to discuss/ debate the plan, and you may wish to visit the events page for the latest details. events

Flight cards for people with Autism

If you are travelling on board a flight with someone who has autism, did you know there are picture cards available to help explain what is happening as you board and take off?
The cards have been developed by a former British Airways stewardess, who now has a son with autism.
The laminated picture cards also have simplistic written sentences to help travellers cope better with the strange happenings around them. There are different versions to cater for the various levels of reading age. They are also suitable for adults with autism too.

Click here to view the link.

Hereford Council changes to Care & Support Policy

These changes are from April 2016, check out further details here. click here

Mental Health in Herefordshire on 11th May 2016

HDU are looking to hold a special seminar at Hinton Community Centre, Hinton focusing on all aspects of Mental health. What's available in social care and the NHS, support groups for children and adults, and discussing how things can be moved forward
More details on the Events page

If you would like to get involved contact or ring 07817 473813

Disability Roadshow 29th June 2016

Check out further details and a poster on our events page. click here

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