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Q2 is a new system that helps people with voices that are threatened by disease to prevent or minimise the deterioration. We do it by learning to sing, in groups, using the great commonality of method and interest between the professional singer and the speech and language therapist - vocal health. Devised in 2004 and run as a pilot project starting in 2006, the initial phase of Q2 is now finished. It is judged to have been successful. The volunteers who completed the full 2 years of assessment found that nobody had deteriorated in any significant way, and some had even improved. This caused the Q2 team to look at other chronic diseases that threaten patients voice communication abilities. It is now considered to be helpful with diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, chronic pulmonary diseases and stroke. Thus Q2 is no longer specific to Parkinson’s Disease but is now open to these and related diseases. Patients with asthma are enthusiastic as their need for medication is felt to reduce. Q2 has now got 2 groups, one in Hereford and the other in Ledbury.

For full details of Q2 please click here to go to their web site