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On these pages it is intended to provide information or links to information, services and benefits.

Cancer Awareness Presentations 21st March 2018

On 21st March 2018 HDU held a Cancer Awareness event, when Macmillan attended and gave two presentations. The first on Sign & Symptons, and the second on Welfare Benefits for those who have cancer.
Here they are:
1. Signs & Symptons
Click here

2. Welfare benefits for those with cancer:
Click here

Get Warm Stay Warm info 2018

There are grants and winter warmth tips to help those in need this time of year. This includes those who have increased vulnerability to the cold (aged 60 or over, or experiencing long term health conditions or a disability or responsible for children under 5 years of age)

  • Find out about home energy grants

  • Benefits and finance options

  • Make your home more energy efficient

  • Improve your heating and insulation

  • Help with your energy tariff and supplier switching

  • Find the best installation company for your needs

  • Advice on how to generate your own heat and electricity

  • Check out these posters:
    Poster 1 Click Here Poster 2 Click Here Poster 3 Click Here for further details


    Hereford Council has launched a new website which helps people when considering what benefits might be available to them
    "BetterOff" is a service for people who live in Herefordshire. BetterOff will show you the benefits you are entitled to and will help you to apply for them online. BetterOff also provides information on how to find and apply for jobs.It is available in many different languages too.
    Check out these four sections

  • Your Money

  • Applications & Appeals

  • Jobs & Volunteering

  • Advice & Information

  • Click here to view the link.

    Community Transport info

    As bus cuts have made an impact on rural residents, you may find these community transport services useful

  • Bromyard Community Transport: 01885 488452 (9.30am - 12pm Monday to Friday)

  • Dore Community Transport: 0845 2020144 (9am - 12pm Monday to Friday)

  • Hay and District Dial-a-Ride: 01497 821616 (9am - 12pm Monday to Friday)

  • Community Wheels: 01568 615785 (9am - 2pm (Monday to Friday) This covers Hereford for any car journeys

  • Hereford Dial-A-Ride: 01432 277622 (9am - 2pm Monday to Friday). This covers Hereford for D-A-R journeys

  • Ledbury Ring & Ride: 01531 635503 (9.30am - 12.30pm Monday to Friday)

  • Leominster Community Wheels: 01568 615785 (9.30am - 12.30pm Monday to Friday)

  • Ross Area Transport: 01989 765595 (9.30am - 12.30pm Monday to Friday)

  • Dementia Friendly Environments

    Following the successful event HDU held on 11th October at Hinton Community Centre, Hereford, you may find these presentations useful to read.

    Click here
    Click here

    Hate crime and reporting it

    Hate crime whether about disability, gender , race or religion affects many people, and there is a specific website to give support and information about where to turn. It even has the appropriate colour settings to aid those with sight impairments or dyslexia.
    click here to view the link.

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