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On these pages it is intended to provide information or links to information, services and benefits.

Autism short films on Youtube

Are another idea and this feature is what they say about their channel:

This channel is run by me, Katie, and my 3 year old non verbal Son Caleb. Even though Caleb can not communicate through words, he lets me know what he thinks of my animations, and if they make the cut! We want to help children just like Caleb who struggle with certain everyday tasks. We want to help educate and make learning enjoyable for children that ‘see the world differently’.

Caleb is different, Caleb has Autism, and Autism ROCKS! Please leave suggestions in the comments section for any topics and themes you think we can help you with :)

We will be posting 1 to 2 videos every week, please subscribe and leave a comment to show your support.

Thanks for visiting our channel.

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Check out this magazine by Rejunenate, who usually hold events and craft workshops to assist those with dementia, at the Courtyard in Hereford

It's a magazine of ideas to consider whiolst under lockdown or in the future

Click Here for further details

Stroke Club appeal

The Stroke Association ( National organisation), are appealing for volunteers to enable a Hereford Stroke club for Peer Support to open up.

They are in the process of trying to set up a new support group for people affected by stroke and their carers' in the Hereford area as it has been identified that there is little support locally since the sad closure of the last club. They hope that the new group would meet fortnightly and would offer some good peer led support plus a range of entertainment and activities.

Truthfully they are not having much success around finding the volunteers needed to help with the setting up and running of the group unfortunately. They have adverts on the likes of Indeed, Charity Jobs and HVOSS websites and left leaflets and posters in many locations. Sadly if they cannot get a team of volunteers together by March 2020 then they will have to move onto the next area identified as having a need which is a real shame. Already there is a list of at least six people who would like to attend a group.

Mental Health facility information

Following the successful mental health facility being opened in Madeley, Telford, HDU are are holding their next event on Wednesday 23rd October 2019 when we are able to offer a “live presentation” from the innovator behind it.

This featured on BBC TV (West Midlands) and a year on from its inception we are able to provide insight into its brilliant outcomes for those dealing with mental health issues, from both client and providers concerned.

Three colleagues on the HDU committee visited the centre, and were so impressed by the ideas, opportunities and outcomes that we feel it is something to be shared across Herefordshire. “What makes us special?” is the title, and here are the suggestions:
  • Partner choices

  • Unique mix of medical practice and Mind

  • Dedicated people

  • Integral to Practice Development

  • Lived experiences

  • Commitment to the future

  • Ability to laugh at ourselves and listen
  • Check out local events which are listed here Events

    Mental Health Strategy events

    This information is provided by the organisers of the consultation, in which HDU intend to participate

    Although this is a joint strategy led by Worcestershire's CCG, it is important to residents in Herefordshire to respond so that our voices are heard and thoughts considered too for a new joint mental health strategy!

    Across Herefordshire and Worcestershire all local health and care organisations are committed to providing the best mental health care possible. We want mental health and wellbeing to be high on our local agenda, to ensure members of our communities are aware of mental health and are able to recognise issues in individuals, and to be able to support or signpost appropriately. When things get harder or more serious we want our specialist services to be equipped to provide support as early as possible, with a focus and commitment to recovery.

    We are interested to speak with local people, staff and partners to better understand your views on mental health, so that we can ensure the new strategy meets the needs of local people. We are hoping to gain a greater understanding of what you think works well and where we need to make improvements.

    Your views will build upon previous engagement work that has been carried out, but will provide us with an opportunity to work with patients, stakeholders and the wider community to understand what more we need to consider. This is an opportunity to work together to shape our mental health strategy over the next few years, to ensure mental health awareness is embedded across our communities, and to develop new and existing services so that people can get the help they need to support them in their recovery. We plan to undertake more specific engagement exercises in the near future, allowing us to work together to coproduce solutions.

    The aim of the listening event is to explore what staff, partners and organisations think is working well for people with a mental health condition in Herefordshire and Worcestershire (this could be a service, a team, how to access information or help, or anything else that you think works well). We will also be listening to what you think does not work so well or anything else that you think that needs improvement. We will be asking to hear your views on what you think the Mental Health Strategy should focus on.

    Please be aware that this listening event is aimed at opening the conversation about the STP Mental Health Strategy and to identify any gaps in the system, across the two counties. Specific engagement and coproduction exercises are planned in the new year. Worcester - Wednesday 23 October 2019, 10am – 12pm. To book a place, please visit: Click here

    Hereford - Friday 25 October 2019, 10.30am – 12.30pm. To book a place, please visit: Click here

    There are also listening events for patients, carers and members of the public. If you would like more information about these, please contact or call 01905 681978.

    If you would prefer to give your views online, please complete our survey. Open from Tuesday 1 October 2019 until 12.00pm, (midday) Tuesday 11 November 2019.
    The survey can be found here: Click here

    SIL (Services 4 Independent Living)

    Training for Professionals, Carers and relatives of those who care for someone living with a disability

    Current Training Availability Full day training courses are priced at £35 per Person, half day courses are £25 per person and all prices include tea, coffee and certificate of attendance.

    Mental Capacity and DoLS 2nd October 10.00am – 1.00pm
    Mental Health First Aid 8th & 9th October 9.30am – 5.00pm
    . Fire Safety – 16th October 11.00am – 1.00pm
    . Communication, Confidentiality and Compliance (GDPR) 16th October 1.30-4.30pm
    . Adult Safe Guarding – 22nd Oct 10.00am – 1.00pm
    . First Aid -23rd October 9.30am – 4.30pm
    . Food Hygiene and Infection Control – 24th October 1.30-4.30pm

    . To book onto a course please contact Karen on 01568 616 653 or

    **Please note that for courses listed as currently full we can put your name on a waiting list and alert you to any spaces or contact you next time we offer this training**

    Next 1 Day Mental Health First Aid Training Date 20th November £95 per person or In-house course 8-14 People £1250
    Our one day mental health awareness and skills course qualifies employees as MHFA Champions.

    Attendees will gain:
    Knowledge and confidence to provide Mental Health First Aid for the most common mental health issues
    Understanding of how to help build a mentally healthy workplace, challenge stigma and support positive wellbeing.
    £95 per person or In-house course 8-14 People £1250
    Our one day mental health awareness and skills course qualifies employees as MHFA Champions.

    Attendees will gain:

    Knowledge and confidence to provide Mental Health First Aid for the most common mental health issues
    Understanding of how to help build a mentally healthy workplace, challenge stigma and support positive wellbeing
    A quick reference card for the Mental Health First Aid action plan

    All attendees will be awarded a certificate to confirm they are a Mental Health Champion
    Addresses of where our training is held:

    SIL, Leominster Office
    1 Owen Way, Leominster Enterprise Park HR6 0LA

    TPG Disable Aids Hereford
    Plough Lane, Hereford HR4 0ED

    Click here

    New Carer Services

    Now that Carers Trust 4 All has taken over the contract from Herefordshire Carers Support (HCS) awarded by Hereford Council there have been changes to how services are run.The new servives can be found at this link

    Click here to view

    However HCS are still operating on a postal basis at C/O Aspire Hub, Canal Rd, Hereford HR1 2EA.

    Complimentary Dementia Training Starting 1st March

    Training is available for Herefordshire residents who support Armed Forces Veterans, and families of Veterans aged 65 years and over. This training is being delivered by the Alzheimer’s Society as part of the Herefordshire Aged Veteran Health and Wellbeing Project.

    Click here

    Check out this newsletter from PLORAS

    PLORAs stands for

    Predicting Language Outcome and Recovery After Stroke.

    The latest newsletter from PLORAS: Click here

    This organisation constantly carries out research into strokes, and is always seeking new recruits from which to gather information on people who have recently had a stroke. The newsletter details up to date findings, but should you wish to become one of their volunteers, and assist research since having a stroke then please contact their website

    You will find out much more about their work too, and how it might help those recovery now and in the future

    Click here

    Memory Lane music for dementia

    The BBC has a dedicated website where you can create a personalise playlist of music especially for the use of those with Dementia.
    It's called BBC Music Memories, and has three catagories, Classical, Pop and Theme Tunes

    This website is designed to use music to help people with dementia reconnect with their most powerful memories. Evidence shows that music can help people with dementia to feel and live better. Memories from teenage years can often be the most powerful, so why not start by looking for music from that time and begin to create a music playlist? You can then take part in our survey to help us discover the nation’s favourite music memories.

    Click here to view the link.

    Sight issues for everyday people

    An letter written from a reader to the Editor of Computer Active magazine (issue 531 4th-17th July 2018) highlighted an issue with "blurry lines " whilst using the spreadsheet Excel. The lady was keen to warn others who may suddenly notice similar problems, because if she had not waited a couple of weeks before seeing her doctor, her sight could have been saved. She is not elderly, and runs two businesses, so for her it was a major change to her life. It concerns the condition Macular Degeneration (Wet AMD).

    Here are the symptoms which may include:
    1. Visual distortions, such as straight lines seeming bent.
    2. Reduced central vision in one or both eyes.
    3. Decreased intensity or brightness of colors.
    4. A well-defined blurry spot or blind spot in your field of vision.
    5. A general haziness in your overall vision.
    6. Abrupt onset and rapid worsening of symptoms.

    Although the reader noticed the wavy lines when she was changing figures in her spreadsheet, she also then realised that all horizontal lines appeared to "wave" at her. A quick test with an optician would have uncovered the condition.

    Get Warm Stay Warm info 2019

    There are grants and winter warmth tips to help those in need this time of year. This includes those who have increased vulnerability to the cold (aged 60 or over, or experiencing long term health conditions or a disability or responsible for children under 5 years of age)

  • Find out about home energy grants

  • Benefits and finance options

  • Make your home more energy efficient

  • Improve your heating and insulation

  • Help with your energy tariff and supplier switching

  • Find the best installation company for your needs

  • Advice on how to generate your own heat and electricity

  • Check out these posters:
    Poster 1 Click Here Poster 2 Click Here Poster 3 Click Here for further details


    Hereford Council has launched a new website which helps people when considering what benefits might be available to them
    "BetterOff" is a service for people who live in Herefordshire. BetterOff will show you the benefits you are entitled to and will help you to apply for them online. BetterOff also provides information on how to find and apply for jobs.It is available in many different languages too.
    Check out these four sections

  • Your Money

  • Applications & Appeals

  • Jobs & Volunteering

  • Advice & Information

  • Click here to view the link.

    Community Transport info

    As bus cuts have made an impact on rural residents, you may find these community transport services useful

    Cancer Awareness Presentations 21st March 2018

    On 21st March 2018 HDU held a Cancer Awareness event, when Macmillan attended and gave two presentations. The first on Sign & Symptons, and the second on Welfare Benefits for those who have cancer.
    Here they are:
    1. Signs & Symptons
    Click here

    2. Welfare benefits for those with cancer:
    Click here

  • Bromyard Community Transport: 01885 488452 (9.30am - 12pm Monday to Friday)

  • Dore Community Transport: 0845 2020144 (9am - 12pm Monday to Friday)

  • Hay and District Dial-a-Ride: 01497 821616 (9am - 12pm Monday to Friday)

  • Community Wheels: 01568 615785 (9am - 2pm (Monday to Friday) This covers Hereford for any car journeys

  • Hereford Dial-A-Ride: 01432 277622 (9am - 2pm Monday to Friday). This covers Hereford for D-A-R journeys

  • Ledbury Ring & Ride: 01531 635503 (9.30am - 12.30pm Monday to Friday)

  • Leominster Community Wheels: 01568 615785 (9.30am - 12.30pm Monday to Friday)

  • Ross Area Transport: 01989 765595 (9.30am - 12.30pm Monday to Friday)

  • Hate crime and reporting it

    Hate crime whether about disability, gender, race or religion affects many people, and there is a specific website to give support and information about where to turn. It even has the appropriate colour settings to aid those with sight impairments or dyslexia.
    click here to view the link.

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