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Autism Seminar on 18th November 2015

Check out further details and a poster on our events page. click here

Dogs for the Disabled name change (from 15th October).

The Dogs for the Disabled brand has served well for 27 years, but it no longer reflects all that they do, all the people they support and the way they talk about the many exciting ways that dogs can have an impact on people's lives.

Their work has broadened into many different areas, from training autism assistance dogs for children, running pet dog workshops for families with children with autism, and working with activity and therapy dogs in schools and community settings.

It's been hugely exciting to see so many lives transformed through the amazing potential of dogs.
They are ambitious for the future and want to help many more people. To do this, they need a new name and identity which fully reflects all the work that we do, so they can broaden appeal and engage more people to support their work. They also recognise that language around disability is changing and now focus much more on people as individuals.

From 15 October 2015, they will become Dogs for Good, with a new and much bolder presentation of their work, focusing on all the good that can be achieved by bringing people and dogs together.

To check out the website:
click here to view the link.

New National Autistic Society branch for Herefordshire

Starting September 2015, at long last we have a local branch of the National Autistic Society specifically set up in Herefordshire.

Click here to open their welcoming letter

Hereford Council launches (July 24th ) Priorities & Budget Consultation, (end date 9th October)

Herefordshire Council has launched its priorities and budget consultation for 2016/17 and is asking residents to participate and have their say.

The joint priorities and budget consultation will run until Friday 9 October and is asking residents to first of all rate the council's priorities in terms of what they believe are the most and least important areas we should focus our resources on.
We are also asking participants to prioritise the council's income and savings proposals from those which should be implemented first compared to last in order to reduce spending, generate income and balance our budget.

Additionally, we're asking a specific question on increasing council tax above 2%.
A countywide referendum would be required, costing approximately £ 300,000

There will be local opportunities to listen and speak to representatives, and these and more information can be found on this link:

click here to view the link.

Autism Grounds Plane

This was not Juliette Beegle's first rodeo. Well-travelled, she had 22 states and 8 countries under her 15-year-old belt. But last week was the very first time an airline opted for an emergency, mid-flight landing so that they could usher her and her family off the plane. Why? Heartbreakingly, it seems it was because of her autism

If you would like to read the whole article from the United States then check out this link
click here

Ledbury Station passed over again for accessible rail travel

It has been brought to our notice that in the latest round of station upgrades, Ledbury Station has again been ignored for improvements needed, so that those with mobility issues can access train services.

Currently it is not possible to board the train at Ledbury for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, due to steps/ bridge entry only. Midland Railways, seem to be lagging been spent and many rail companies operate.

Stations such as Leominster,Hereford and Gloucester have all see lifts installed in recent years, so why isn't Ledbury worthwhile?

If you are interested in campaigning for improvements to bring Ledbury Station up to standard, please contact:

Disabled Access Day 17th January 2015

Get involved as an individual, organisation, venue business
We're asking disabled people and your friends and families to visit somewhere that you have never been before.This may be local or further afield.
To get in touch and find out how you can take part contact:Click here

If you find a venue which is inaccessible locally which you expected to be accessible let HDU know.We need to work together for the benefit of all disabled people so that inequality is a thing of the past
Thank you

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