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About Us

Our website

This website has been specifically set up to ensure that the majority of disabled people are able to access its content.

Our website was launched by founder member Roy Nicholls, who felt it essential to provide a truly accessible site especially for those with sight impairments. Using the html code he constructed its current format opening up the possibility for link organisations to come on board and expand their provision and specialism to many more people. Unfortunately Roy passed away in late 2012 and with it his expertise, but his wife Sylvia has maintained the site in a similar way having taken up the challenge early in 2013 with virtually no experience in this field

We acknowledge that those with sight impairments find photos and moving pictures distort the content for them which is why we mainly use plain text throughout our pages.

By utilising the default and colour possibilities at the top of the page anyone can change the text and background colours to aid readability.

Please advise if other alterations are necessary by contacting the Chair on 07817 473813 or

Thank you

Herefordshire Disability United is a registered charity that has been developed to voice the concerns of disabled people and to provide a platform where disability issues can be raised and policies developed.

Herefordshire Disability United (HDU) is an organisation run by people with disabilities for people with disabilities. It was started in January 2011 when the Late Roy Nicholls and his wife Sylvia decided that there was a distinct lack of knowledge in the county about the major issues which all disabled people encounter, and having been part of an initiative in Kent felt it important to promote an organisation where the diversity of disabilities are understood and championed. From these small beginnings a committee was formed comprising a diversity of people with disabilities or great experience in this field, to steer the group and ensure the objectives are followed.

The objectives are:

To promote the interests, welfare and social inclusion of disabled people living in Herefordshire by facilitating the following:

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HDU History

Herefordshire Disability United held the first Open Meeting in April 2011 when the topic Personalisation was aired. We have maintained a similar format to this day. Speakers engaged give up to date knowledge on topical subjects, always bearing in mind the need to be informed about what may affect us

By working in partnership HDU network with many in the county, and will always direct you to the most suitable support group or individual wherever possible. Please contact the Chair on 07817 473813 or

In late 2013 we achieved charitable status, and also a grant from Awards for All. The grant has provided funding for new ventures which include seminars, the first of which was on Autism and was backed by the National Autistic Society (NAS). HDU have championed autism continuously, being that it appears to be "the poor relation" nationally and we feel those on the spectrum should get the same recognition as others with disabilities. Following the establishment of an Autism Partnership Board In Hereford late 2013, HDU have continued to work alongside with representatives on the board from our committee. So committed are we that a third autism seminar was held again with input from the NAS. Do check out this page Autism

Each year we try and hold four planned events which are open to any interested parties.

We are continuing with open meetings which cover wide ranging topics, and seminars which focus on a single subject. Each one is FREE and offers networking lunches enabling you to speak with the eclectic group of attendees which inevitably attend. This includes individuals with disabilities and their family/ carers, support organisations, commissioners and those from public services too

Check out local events which are listed here Events

We produce newsletters to accompany both seminars and Open Meetings which we hold, with hard copies available at these events. These follow the topics which we are addressing at the time. E-copies of these are available here Newsletters

Herefordshire Disability United has engaged in national and local consultations on social care issues and cuts, with specific forums for both individuals, support organisations and public services to attend.In the last four years we our chair and vice-chair have been asked to attend the Hereford Council Social Care " Peer Challenge ". This has allowed the voice of service users to establish facts and needs to those who manage future public services in this county.

This year 2020, we are kicking off with an event based on Assessments. There is much controversay on this subject and those attempting to seek support are often worried about the outcome affecting their health and anxiety levels. So both Personal assessments and Carer assessments will be discussed in an attempt to clear up queries surrounding them

HDU is engaged in local current topics with Hereford Council's social care directorate and representative in such groups as "Making it Real", the Autism Partnership and the Mental health Partnership Board. We were party to the Wye Valley Trust's delivery of their "Future of Health and Care Services" discussion, when commissioners delivered at the Stroke Awareness and Information day.

By checking the newsletter page you will keep up to date with recent events, which during 2019 have focused mainly on Mental health.

Get Involved

HDU are evolving constantly, by responding to local need in the world of disability. All work is voluntary and run through successful grant applications. We undertake Disability Awareness training and Access Audits as required. If you would like to donate to the group please contact:

There is much still to achieve and also keep up to date on the website. Please let us know if you would like other aspects included, or if you would be interested in joining the committee to expand our work.

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