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Your Chance To Have Your Say on Wheelchair Matters

If you use a wheelchair, the Herefordshire Wheelchair User Group is HOW you can make your voice heard on all your wheelchair concerns and you get a central role in helping to improve the county's wheelchair experience.

HOW represents Herefordians On Wheelchairs, getting your voice heard, so, by connecting to the hub of HOW, you'll be influencing things that impact everyday life on your wheels!

HOW can get involved in all aspects of the Wheelchair Service and its role includes:

The cost of wheelchair users attending meetings can be claimed back; often some Wheelchair User Group Members have a carer or personal assistant to support their participation.
Carers and supporters are welcome in their own right.

To find out more about the group and how you can help, call the

Herefordshire Wheelchair Service on 01432 363903 or

Jim Lawes, (Chairman) on 01432 350765 or

Angela Brown on 01989 762854