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Hereford Stroke Club has changed in 2020

{Affiliated to the Stroke Association}

Over the past few years the stroke club in Hereford has seen dwindling support as volunteers aged and the challenge became too much to keep it going

However the Stroke Association, seeing the need to rekindle interest has brought in a volunteer co-ordinator Jo Weston to inspire a new generation of supporters.

Jo began by searching organisations whose combine resources of joint co-operation should have thrown up plenty of interest, but this did not happen. So, she starting putting leaflets in GP's and centres where social care need is evident, and again came up against a brick wall.

Finally by contacting established groups which support care in some way, she found Herefordshire Headway at Credenhill. At the beginning of 2020 a new suppport group was formed. There are two monthly meetings, a coffee morning, and a Carer's group. Both of these enable those affected by stroke to meet in convivial surroundings where there is both empathy and support. In fact, as Headway runs many of it's activities for those who have brain affected issues, there has been greater understanding between both organisations. This has enabled new people affected by strokes to see just what exciting things are available, maybe hobbies they had never considered in the past.

Contact: Jo Weston
Phone: 07392 080003

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